SCRS Sites NOW brings the clinical research community together with a focus on advancing best practices for site success.

Join peers and pros virtually throughout the year as sites, sponsors, CROs and solution providers come together with informed and insightful presentations, collaborative discussions, and networking opportunities.

The work and ideas created from Sites NOW inform content for SCRS publications and deliver solution-driven sessions to Summit attendees across the globe.

Register today to place your organization at the forefront of site feedback and hear their needs, challenges, and ideas for a more sustainable future.


SCRS is committed to helping Sites be their best NOW, so we can be great facing the future…together.

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Site Collaboration: The Importance of Site Voices

Effective clinical research relies on strong partnerships between sponsors, CROs, and sites to ensure the success of trials. A recent panel discussion at Sites NOW shared […]

Digital Innovation: Creative Cures for Tech Congestion

Every industry relies on technology for progress, but in the life science ecosystem, it truly impacts the work we do. Of course, technology often also comes […]

Stories of Advancing Diversity and Equity in Clinical Research

An Inside Look from Sites NOW: Diversity in Motion We all understand why the representation of diverse populations in trials is critical to ensuring health equity, […]

Learning from High Performers: 2022 Award Winner Panel

In October, SCRS came together with more than 1,200 clinical research professionals at the Global Site Solutions Summit to commemorate 10 years of advancing site success. […]

Exploring the Current Clinical Workforce

What does the clinical research workforce look like right now?  It’s no secret that the workforce shortage in clinical research is a significant industry issue. Nicole […]

Closing the Gap on Clinical Tech for Sites

Clinical tech has been evolving at a rapid pace to solve study-facing challenges. At the 2019 Global Site Solutions Summit, SCRS hosted a Global Impact Partner […]

Patient Centricity’s Impact on Study Success

The phrase “patient-centricity” has been circulating the healthcare and clinical research industry for quite a while. What does patient-centricity really mean and how can we ensure […]

Sites NOW: Site-Focused Oncology Trends for 2022

The Sites NOW January discussion, featuring panelists Peter Fredette of IQVIA, Rosemary McQueary of Quality Cancer Care and Alliance, and Alexa Florea from Roche Genentech, highlighted […]

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