SCRS Task Force

The clinical research industry is currently facing unprecedented macroeconomic issues including substantial staffing challenges and inflationary pressures. 

In response, SCRS created a task force to ensure site voices are heard throughout these conversations and provide resources for both sites and industry to collaborate to address these issues. 

As the successful conduct of clinical trials requires cooperation between sites and all industry stakeholders, we hope that this will facilitate an honest dialogue about our shared responsibility to each other during this challenging time.   

SCRS will also host webinars and Summit sessions on this topic throughout the year to further share best practices and facilitate honest discussions. 

Letter to our Industry Partners

There are several macroeconomic forces in play that are causing the need for urgent communication to industry sponsors and CROs. Sites’ ability to conduct your studies is greatly impacted and we hope we can promptly work together to make a positive change for mutual benefit.

Site Toolkit to Address Workforce Challenges & Inflation

Many of SCRS’ largest site members have graciously pooled together their best practices to share with other sites. These ideas are related to some of their successes in maximizing revenue, minimizing costs, and recruiting and retaining employees

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SCRS Creates Toolkit to Help Sites Address Workforce and Inflation Challenges

SCRS released a toolkit created by several of its largest site network members to address the clinical research industry’s workforce challenges and inflationary pressures.

SCRS Talks Podcast: How Workforce & Economic Challenges Are Impacting Clinical Research Sites

David Vulcano speaks with William Smith and Jeff Kingsley to talk through what the Task Force committee is doing to mitigate current industry-wide staffing and inflationary challenges and how industry partners can help.

SCRS Talks Podcast: Site Staffing

As many organizations within the clinical research industry search for candidates, many want to work with those they already know. Unfortunately, this means some CROs and sponsors are asking site staff to come and work for their organizations instead.  Karri Venn, Chief Operating Officer, President, and Chair of the Operating Board at Centricity Research discusses her experience with site staff poaching practices and how sites and industry can address the increasing demand for employees. 

Site Buzz: Staff Poaching

As some research site employees look for growth, higher salaries, more work-life balance, work from home options or change industries altogether, it’s imperative that the industry quickly identifies solutions to address the issue of understaffing. There may not be an immediate fix, but there are several solutions in place working to increase the talent pool for everyone in research. SCRS members share how sites, sponsors and CROs address understaffing and site staff poaching.


David Vulcano

VP, Clinical Research Compliance & Integrity
HCA Healthcare

Honorary President

William Smith

Alliance for Multispecialty Research

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