SCRS welcomes the support and enhanced partnership of Sponsors and CROs seeking to customize and deepen their commitment with SCRS and its members.

To schedule a call or meeting to review your goals, discuss your needs, and present the best options for your business, please contact Sean Soth.


Sean Soth

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Global Impact

This partnership is available to sponsors, CROs, and professional providers, to facilitate a unique opportunity to engage with SCRS and its members. An executive from the GIP™ company will have a seat on the GIP™ Board. The GIP board will interface with the SCRS’ Leadership Council to help set strategic initiatives for the Society.

$15,000 USD/year 2-year commitment
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Site Engagement

The Site Engagement™ Partnership allows for significant involvement and increasingly direct communication with the sites. This one-year, customizable partnership includes all membership benefits of being a Global Impact Partner, plus a unique level of access and valuable information related to sites.

$100,000 USD/year
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Site Voice

The Site Voice Partnership will enable corporate partners to broaden their reach and expand their relationships within the site community through collaboration with SCRS. This one-year commitment includes all membership benefits of being a Global Impact Partner plus an opportunity to make a positive difference for clinical research sites globally.

$150,000 USD/year
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Circle of Sustainability

The Circle of Sustainability™ Partnership allows organizations to position themselves to make an impact by customizing an expanded partnership experience with the site community through SCRS. This one-year commitment includes all membership benefits of being a Global Impact Partner, plus a robust menu of opportunities tailored specifically to your organization’s goals.

$200,000 USD/year
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Circle of Innovation

The Circle of Innovation™ Partnership represents the highest level of commitment to sites through collaboration with SCRS. An elite opportunity allows for an intensified engagement and distinguished recognition with clinical research sites, this exclusive one-year partnership includes all Global Impact Partner benefits plus a diverse and customizable menu of opportunities.

$250,000 USD/year
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Contact your GIP Representative at your company to receive your Company Number and gain access to your member benefits.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact Anne Marie Molster.


Anne-Marie Molster

Member Engagement Specialist
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