Site Advocacy Groups

Why a SAG?

The Site Advocacy Group (SAG) is a landmark industry initiative begun by SCRS that facilitates meaningful dialogue between site professionals and industry leaders on a variety of topics. SAGs are convened at the request of a host organization; sponsor, CRO or professional service provider. The work of the SAG enhances clinical research effectiveness and more closely aligns the work of the sites and industry on current or future projects the host is engaged.

SAG members are comprised of SCRS members representing a broad spectrum of site professionals from around the globe. The composition of the SAG is at the request of the host organization; however, SCRS can offer suggestions of which type of site professionals would best meet the needs of their SAG.

SAG topics have included: Patient Recruitment & Retention, Technology, Protocol and Clinical Topics, Operational Processes, and Site and Business Relationships with Sites.

The knowledge gained provides a unique perspective to help ensure the design and rollout of the most useful solutions for all stakeholders is the result.

SAG Reports

At times the host organization may decide to share the findings of a SAG with the public.  Below are reports which have been shared by host organizations resulting from SAGs.

The Voice of the Study Coordinator: Empowering Clinical Trial Sites to Deliver Improved Performance – inVentiv Health

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Interested in Hosting a SAG?

If you are a sponsor, CRO, or professional service provider interested in hosting a SAG and gathering feedback from sites on an industry-relevant topic, please contact:

Sean Soth
+1 214.263.1094

How Can My Site Participate in a SAG?

SAG participation is limited to SCRS members. Member sites interested in participating in a SAG are encouraged to contact SCRS:

Michael Jay
+1 410.696.5080 ext 402

The SAG Impact

“I was amazed and pleased to see the cooperation and camaraderie among the Pharma company’s representatives, and impressed that they truly wanted to hear what the sites had to say about problems and roadblocks to most effectively conducting protocols.”

John E. “Jed” Ervin, MD, FACP, FACRMedical DirectorThe Center for Pharmaceutical Research

“Gaining perspectives from the SAG helped in understanding what is truly important to sites, rather than us guessing. Their participation and input were invaluable.”

Kelly Kirsch, MPHSAG: Shared Investigator PlatformClinical Development Information and OptimizationEli Lilly and Company

“Many members of the SIP team have commented on the value that the SAG has brought to our development process. In addition to their insights and unique perspectives, I have also appreciated the level of engagement and partnership that we have seen from this group, especially during our SIP development reviews. Honestly, an outside observer would have a difficult time distinguishing between the SIP and SAG team members!”

Mary Ann PlummerStrategic Business Consultant, Shared Investigator PlatformTransCelerate BioPharma Inc.