Digital Innovation Initiative

SCRS’ mission of site sustainability and commitment to providing value to member sites has never been more important than it is in today’s digital age. As industry advancements increasingly include the incorporation of new technologies, it is more important than ever that the global site community commit to continued education so they are a part of today’s digital evolution. The SCRS Digital Innovation Initiative (DII) provides an avenue for industry partners to work closely with sites to bring the clinical research industry to the forefront of digital innovation and ensure site needs are heard and addressed.

The purpose of the DII is to represent the needs and voice of the site community regarding digital innovation and to prepare sites to integrate new technologies into their practices (ie. decentralized clinical trials (DCT) technology, ePRO, connected devices and more). Recent data collected through several SCRS surveys conducted in partnership with GIP organizations VirTrial, Oracle, and IQVIA have indicated that 90% of sites need additional training or knowledge surrounding DCTs and recognize the potential benefits. Needs surrounding technologies like ePRO and Connected Devices are no different.

The site community’s thirst for knowledge and resources is ever present. The Digital Innovation Initiative aims to bring the clinical research industry together to ensure we are prepared for the digital age.

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