Digital Innovation Initiative

As clinical research industry advancements increasingly include the incorporation of new technologies, it is critical that the global site community commit to continued education so they are a part of the digital evolution.

The SCRS Digital Innovation Initiative (DII) empowers clinical research sites by addressing the demand for education and training on decentralized clinical trials (DCTs) and other emerging clinical technologies.

This critical initiative has been designed to advise, educate and connect clinical research industry stakeholders on current and upcoming technology advancements and their impact on site sustainability.


• Informing sites and industry about the evolving site landscape
• Enhancing learning opportunities for sites surrounding current and future technologies

Best Practices & Recommendations for Sites


Decentralized Trials


Before sites start hybrid decentralized trials, they should first understand their capabilities and any gaps. Understand concerns, best-suited options, and the ideal course for the successful adoption of decentralized trials at the site level.


Connected Devices

This document provides guidance for understanding and operationalizing connected devices in clinical trials. Learn how to e
nhance the site and patient experience with connected devices by promoting a simpler and more integrated systems approach.

Participating Stakeholders

4G Clinical
Cedar Health Research
DM Clinical Research