The Society for Clinical Research Sites offers you unprecedented access to the professional community.

Discover some of the many benefits and features in the table below that will be made available to all members’ employees.


  • Members’ perspectives and voices represented by SCRS to regulatory agencies and industry stakeholders
  • Promote your commitment to site sustainability by proudly displaying the SCRS logo


  • Good Clinical Practice training for your site staff  provided by Advarra and recognized by TransCelerate
  • Gain critical insight from monthly and featured webinars
  • Site Management Modules
  • Receive critical information and stay up-to-date with shifting trends and practices through SCRS’ expert-driven content
  • Address site challenges through exclusive thought leadership content available in SCRS’ global journal, InSite. The InSite journal archive is made available to members only


  • Access SCRS’ Online Community, a dynamic and engaging platform for members that facilitates positive change through discussion and debate among your peers


  • Maximize your site’s exposure to leading sponsors and CROs on SCRS’ Member Site Directory and expand your reach
  • Expand your membership experience through participation in an SCRS committee
  • Engage with industry stakeholders and drive positive results through participation in a Site Advocacy Group (SAG™)

Site Categories & Dues

SCRS membership benefits are available to all members’ employees.

Download our membership brochure for more detailed information.

Individual Site or Academic Center

One address with an Investigator where clinical research is conducted. Examples are a clinic, a private practice conducting clinical research, a freestanding research site, or a department within a hospital or academic center when the organization is not a member.

$997 USD

Site Network

Site Networks are defined as a group of clinical research sites that conduct research at multiple locations under one organization. The Site Network category is best financially suited for organizations with five (5) or more sites.

$5000 USD

*After the first year an additional charge of $250 per site over 5 sites will be added to the network fee. Please contact for more information on Site Network memberships


$997 USD

Please contact Membership: +1 410.696.5080 or

Sites in Developing Countries

Sites in developing countries are defined as an address with an Investigator where clinical research is conducted in a low, lower-middle, or upper-middle country listed (click here to view list).

$300 USD

Emerging Site

Emerging sites are defined as a site with gross revenue of less than or equal to 250K USD in the prior year and not expected to exceed that amount this year.

$500 USD

Site Member Employee

If your site employer is an SCRS member, you can enjoy the benefits of membership as well. You need to know your employer’s SCRS company ID to register.



How is a trade association different than a professional organization?

A trade association, also known as an industry trade group, business association, or sector association, is an organization of businesses that operate in a specific industry. An industry trade association may engage in public relations activities such as advertising, education, political donations (through a political action committee), lobbying, publishing, standards-development, industry bench-marking and conducting statistical surveys, producing conferences, offering networking opportunities, classes or educational materials, and numerous other appropriate activities. Trade organizations can be non-profit or not. SCRS is the latter. Members of a trade association are typically companies, while professional organization members are individuals.

Should I belong to both a trade association and a professional organization?

You as an individual could belong to a professional organization, but your company should belong to the trade organization. It is common practice that the company belongs to the trade organization representing its interest as a business and the staff may continue to belong to their respective professional organizations.

Who are SCRS members?

Only clinical research sites can be members of SCRS. Sites are organizations that actually conduct clinical research at a facility. They can be site within a practice, freestanding sites, part of a site network, or hospital/academic setting.

Why join SCRS?

As a research site, site network or hospital/academic organization, SCRS is the only trade organization that represents and speaks on behalf of the global clinical research site community. Additionally, there are many tangible benefits that SCRS membership provides each of its members and their employees. Companies that have a vested interest in the clinical research collaborate with SCRS and demonstrates their commitment to building stronger site partnerships as Global Impact Partners.

How does a company become a member?

Easy online registration can be completed by clicking here or contact

How do I create an SCRS Account?

Follow these instructions to create your SCRS account:

  1. Visit, select “Join SCRS” in the upperright corner, then “Sign Up. 
  1. Fill out the required information and select “Sign Up.” 
  2. You will be sent a verification email. Open it and select “Verify my account.” 
  3. Create a password and select “Activate my account.” 
  4. Confirm your first and last name, add your title and company name, and select “Next.” 
  1. If you wish, scan the QR code to install the SCRS community app, then select “Finish.” 
  2. If your organization is already an SCRS member, ask your organization’s Account Owner to add you to the membership if you have an existing SCRS membership or reach out to
Are membership fees tax-deductible?

A company’s membership dues should be deductible as ordinary and necessary business expenses, but each member company should confirm this with its tax advisor.

When my company joins SCRS does the staff of the site become a member?

Although individuals do not become members of SCRS, when a company joins SCRS all of its employees are entitled to receive specified benefits.

My company helps sites find studies and we negotiate budgets on their behalf. Can we join as a corporate member and list all “our” sites under our membership?

If your company does not actually conduct the clinical trials, your company can collaborate with SCRS as a Global Impact Partner.

What are the terms of membership?

All memberships are renewable annually on the anniversary date of the company’s registration.

Do all employees of our company receive a discount to attend the Global Site Solutions Summits?

All SCRS member employees receive a discount to join us at any SCRS Site Solutions Summit.

Once we complete our company or employee’s file, can they be changed?

Certainly, you just log in using your name and password and you can change your company or personal information at any time.

Does the SCRS logo design have any particular meaning?

The six curved lines indicate the stakeholders of the clinical research industry necessary to conduct a successful clinical study – volunteers, sites, sponsors, CROs, regulators, and suppliers. The dots over each line are to remind us we are not just lines, we are people. The “people” are intertwined emphasizing the importance of remembering that we are all people dependent upon each other to successfully complete the picture.