Site Categories & Dues

SCRS membership benefits are available to all members’ employees.

Download our membership brochure for more detailed information.

Individual Site or Academic Center

One address with an Investigator where clinical research is conducted. Examples are a clinic, a private practice conducting clinical research, a freestanding research site, or a department within a hospital or academic center when the organization is not a member.

$997 USD

Site Network

Site Networks are defined as a group of clinical research sites that conduct research at multiple locations under one organization. The Site Network category is best financially suited for organizations with 8 or more sites.

$5000 USD


$997 USD

Please contact Membership: +1 410.696.5080 x107 or

Sites in Developing Countries

Sites in developing countries are defined as an address with an Investigator where clinical research is conducted in a low, lower-middle, or upper-middle country listed (click here to view list).

$300 USD

Emerging Site

Emerging sites are defined as a site with gross revenue of less than or equal to 250K USD in the prior year and not expected to exceed that amount this year.

$500 USD

Site Member Employee

If your site employer is an SCRS member, you can enjoy the benefits of membership as well. You need to know your employer’s SCRS company ID to register.