Virtual Trial Capable Training

Hybrid Virtual Trial Training at Your Fingertips

Don’t get left out of the virtual world! Watch this video to learn why it’s important for you to be proactive.  

It is a well-known industry fact that two of the top reasons patients don’t participate in clinical trials are distance and length of visits. As a result, study recruitment and retention suffer.

Some companies want to solve this problem by conducting entirely virtual, or “site-less” trials, which would completely eliminate the use of clinical research sites altogether.

But this doesn’t have to be the future. SCRS knows the value clinical research sites bring to the industry is not replaceable.

Sites that are capable of conducting study visits remotely/virtually will have the leverage to compete against a “site-less” future.

In dedication to the continued sustainability of the global clinical research site community, SCRS has added a member benefit that will give you this ability.

Research site staff will complete four brief training modules to become certified as virtual trial capable. In addition to the valuable training, individuals who complete the course can elect to receive contact hours upon completion.

Once the training modules are completed, you will receive a Virtual Trial Capable Certificate and a badge to attach to your email signature and post on your site’s website. This indicates to sponsors and CROs that you are a virtual trial capable SCRS Member Site.

VirTrial will regularly provide sponsors and CROs with a list of virtual trial capable sites when discussing protocols. We believe most future studies will have a telemedicine component and your distinction as a virtual trial capable site will soon be a deciding factor in site selection.

Complete your training today and obtain your certificate with the following links:

Training 1

Training 2

Care Connect

If you have any questions, contact Jimmy Bechtel, Senior Project Manager with SCRS at or VirTrial at (480) 530-0527.