Good Clinical Practice (GCP) Training

SCRS offers member sites access to Advarra’s Good Clinical Practice (GCP) training at no cost.

SCRS’ GCP training is recognized by TransCelerate BioPharma, which ensures that SCRS members who take advantage of the GCP training member benefit will no longer be subject to the misuse of time and expenses, and duplication of effort when working with TransCelerate member companies.

To access your GCP training member benefit, click here.


Expiration Date

Please note SCRS’s GCP training does not have a specific expiration date on it.

This is because most sponsors place their own requirements on when this training should be updated. Some say every 2 years, some say every 3, etc.

Because of this discrepancy across the sponsors and CROs, and their policies, we have not placed an expiration date on our certificates. Putting an expiration date limits your ability to utilize that training for as long as they will allow you. There is no regulation requiring an expiration date.

Please default to whatever policy the organization you are working for has, or whatever requirements a specific sponsor may have.


Please contact SCRS Vice President, Site Engagement, Jimmy Bechtel with any questions about SCRS’ GCP training.

Recognized by TransCelerate member companies