SCRS is committed to ensuring the sites’ voice is heard and knowledge related to the management of a research site is understood.

Periodically, SCRS conducts surveys to arrive at answers to these critical goals. We invite SCRS members and non-members to participate in any of our surveys.

Available surveys are listed below. If no surveys are listed, please check back regularly.

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Thank you in advance for contributing to the dialogue, and remember: “… the community, the citizens acting together, can do a number of things better than if they were left to individual action.”

–Theodore Roosevelt

Site eClinical Technology and Industry Initiatives Survey

Increasingly under pressure to reduce study timelines and costs, the pharmaceutical industry has been deploying eClinical solutions to reduce the inefficiencies in trials. Investigative sites are now inundated with technologies, which adds to their already heavy workload burden.

But are better technologies just part of the solution? Numerous industry initiatives are also available to help sites improve operational efficiencies and engagement with sponsors/CROs in clinical trials.

Please complete a 5-minute survey on your site’s experience and involvement with eClinical applications and other industry initiatives.

Do Virtual Trials Lead to a Site-less Future?

Two of the top reasons patients don’t participate in clinical trials are distance and length of visits. Some companies are trying to solve this problem by conducting entirely virtual, or “site-less” trials, which would eliminate the use of clinical research sites altogether.

SCRS knows that the value clinical research sites bring to the industry is not replaceable, and that the site-to-patient relationship is critical to our industry’s success.

We need your input to understand your site’s perception and experience with virtual trials. Please complete a 7-minute survey to ensure your voice guides the evolution of an alternative, hybrid virtual trial future, supporting site sustainability and preserving the human element.