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Our Partners and GIPs are here for you.

Below is a list of information provided by our Partners, centered around what they are doing to support the site community as you navigate the COVID-19 pandemic. Many have included links to their own COVID-19 resource pages – we encourage you to check out what they are doing.

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In recognition of Clinical Trials Day (and every day), Advarra salutes sites as heroes of clinical research ecosystem and offers collaborative resources to restart research in the wake of pandemic-related changes. Please read our message to sites HereThank you sites, our "Unsung Heroes"
Coronavirus Guidance
With the current challenges of COVID-19, the work the clinical research industry does is critically important. Unfortunately, some researchers have had to hold operations. For others, the burden of work is even heavier and more pressing. Some may be involved in upcoming COVID-19 vaccine trials. Others are trying to continue trials that can’t afford to be stopped amid strict practices of distancing and quarantining.

Complion has made it our goal to do everything we can to make this work easier and even more possible during this period of uncertainty.

Whether it's preparing for the onslaught of work after a hold or simply trying to find ways to complete the important work you are doing today, we're here to support you.

Many sites are encouraging staff to work remotely or having to work with patients remotely. Important documents still need managed, updated, shared and signed. CVs still need updated or protocol training needs to be completed. With Complion's platform, simpler storage, retrieval and sharing of regulatory documentation as well as compliant e-signatures to help staff easily manage work wherever they are located can be possible.
Using Remote Clinical Research Site Monitoring During COVID-19
The COVID-19 Clinical Trials Alliance was launched to remove the bottlenecks inherent to the clinical trial industry so that we can save lives and end the pandemic. As pharmaceutical and biotech companies race to develop viable COVID-19 diagnostics, vaccines and treatments, there are a large number of COVID-19 studies coming down the pipeline. Sites like yours are needed to run those trials. Sign up today, free of charge, to get connected with those sponsors. The Alliance is passionate about making a difference in the fight against COVID-19. Already, our work has made COVID-19 studies accessible to many patients who need them. We are proud of what we have accomplished so far and look forward to contributing to end this pandemic.COVID-19 Clinical Trials Alliance
Covance and LabCorp are partnered with Adaptive Biotechnologies to host a virtual COVID-19 immunological study. Adaptive is working with Microsoft to make all of the results of this study free and available to the public and researchers worldwide. Their hope is that they can better understand the body’s immune response to COVID-19 which can better direct treatment and vaccine work.

We are simply looking for sites who are willing to let patients know this study is available. Patients must have a positive COVID-19 laboratory test to participate.

We have home health nurses located in:
Nashville, TN
Phoenix, AZ
Atlanta, GA
Philadelphia, PA
Richmond, VA
Tampa. FL
Miami, FL
Hartford, CT
Boston, MA
Indianapolis, IN
New Brunswick, NJ
Baltimore, MD
Lafayette, LA
If you have questions, please contact Halley Losekamp at
COVID-19 Immunerace Link
We've always known just how crucial sites are to clinical trials, but this pandemic as truly shown the heart, compassion and fortitude site teams have for patient care. In our recent site survey, we were awestruck at the responses that came in - sites are picking up patients to bring them to visits, making themselves available 24/7, and swiftly adapting to more hybrid ways of operating trials. We appreciate their empathy during these extremely challenging times. They're truly the heroes on the front line of this epidemic.A link to our Resource Center
A link to our COVID-19 Infographic
As the global impact of COVID-19 increases, Medidata is continuously analyzing its effect on patient study enrollment, the response by world regulatory bodies, and which Medidata’s solutions can help address your COVID 19-related challenges. We released version 3.0 of our publicly released report which includes new data about patient enrollment by country and therapeutic area. See the report, here
Medidata recently launched myMedidata, Medidata's patient portal that enables patients to more fully participate in clinical trials that use the industry’s most comprehensive patient-centric solutions, such as eCOA, eConsent, wearable and biosensors, and virtual trials for site- and remote-based clinical research. myMedidata enables patients to actively engage in their clinical trials for new medicines and vaccines. The myMedidata platform includes a COVID-19 Symptom Tracker, which enables patients on any active study supported by Medidata technology to participate in research about COVID-19. Patients can virtually access myMedidata, enroll, and enter their symptoms throughout their study.
COVID 19 and Clinical Trials: The Medidata Perspective
To all our clinical trial site partners: Thank you for your partnership in developing potential new medicines and vaccines. As we navigate the COVID-19 pandemic, our commitment to patients is unwavering and the safety of our study participants, colleagues and the public is paramount. During this time we are focused on being flexible to meet the diverse needs of both your sites and your study participants by employing solutions such as telehealth and direct shipment of drug, where needed, appropriate and compliant with local regulatory guidance. We are also supporting direct access to electronic medical records for site monitors, where possible, while we work on exploring and progressing cloud-based solutions to reduce burden on sites and administrative tasks related to source data review and verification. Now and always, we are truly grateful for every person who participates in a clinical trial. Our work to deliver breakthroughs across therapeutic areas continues as we move with unprecedented speed in testing a potential COVID-19 vaccine, and studying antiviral and other compounds that may potentially be useful in fighting this novel coronavirus.How Pfizer is Responding
Maintaining critical clinical trials during the pandemic Clinical trials for COVID-19 have been launched with unprecedented speed, but Sanofi has also worked in parallel to maintain, where possible, the continuity of critical clinical trials for other diseases. Together with clinical study sites, investigators and health authorities, Sanofi’s teams have created patient-focused solutions to overcome obstacles caused by the pandemic. Sanofi is fully committed to the patients, and works closely with the sites to provide support and ensure the safety of all patients. Thanks to the commitment of sites and patients, Sanofi can bring new medicines to those in need.Our Response to COVID-19
VirTrial, a provider of customizable virtual trials services and platforms, is offering complimentary access to their four-module training program which outlines general telemedicine etiquette, provides guidance for conducting decentralized clinical trials (also referred to as hybrid trials), and addresses how to utilize their Virtual Care Management (VCM) platform. This program is available to all clinical research professionals worldwide. Upon completion, VirTrial will provide a Virtual Trial Capable certificate and digital badge that can be shared with sponsors and CROs to highlight readiness to conduct decentralized clinical trials.Access VirTrial's Virtual Trial Capable Training here