SCRS History

The Society for Clinical Research Sites was founded in 2012 in response to the growing need for a trade organization to represent the voice of research sites within the clinical research enterprise. Christine Pierre, the founder of the Site Solutions Summit, was motivated, along with other research professionals, to provide sites with resources, mentorship, and new ideas through a member-based organization dedicated to providing the sites both a voice and community.



RxTrials hosts the inaugural Site Solutions Summit in Santa Fe, New Mexico, bringing together site stakeholders to discuss site issues and to identify best site practices in a non-competitive environment. 12 site executives attended.


During the 2nd Annual Site Solutions Summit, The Site Survey is conducted for the first year, providing site analytical information to the research community.


Site Solutions Summit expands to include Sponsors and CROs as attendees.


The sites present the first Site Solutions Summit Eagle Award to GlaxoSmithKline and Quintiles in recognition of their commitment to the site relationship.


Site Solutions Summit has 500 attendees.

Society for Clinical Research Sites is announced during the 7th Annual Site Solutions Summit. Almost 300 members join from 11 different countries within the first 3 months of SCRS’s announcement.


Global Impact Partnership and Professional Development Partnership programs are unveiled providing an opportunity for Sponsors, CROs, and Professional Service Providers to participate in leadership conversations with SCRS.


With the success of the Global Site Solutions Summit, the Society for Clinical Research Sites hosts the first Asia Pac Site Solutions Summit in Australia and the European Site Solutions Summit in France.


The Ambassador Program is developed to increase the awareness of the benefits of SCRS to the site community throughout the world. An SCRS Country Ambassador has a pivotal role in supporting the awareness, promotion, and growth of SCRS within the region they represent. Ambassadors also keep SCRS informed of local issues that are or could impact sites, such as governmental request for comment, changing trends, and other issues affecting their region.


4,900 National Institute for Health and Research Clinical Research Network sites become members of SCRS at a first-of-its-kind SCRS Ambassador Program symposium held in London, England.