The importance of recruiting diverse patient populations in clinical trials has been highlighted in recent years by regulators, sponsors and sites alike. In response, SCRS developed the Diversity Awareness Program through which several tools were developed:

  1. Two research papers, one outlining the importance of patient diversity awareness, and the other summarizing the results of a survey which identifies factors that drive site success in recruiting diverse patient populations;
  2. An Assessment Tool that provides guidance for sites to improve their ability to recruit diverse patient populations.

Access these tools to improve your site’s recruitment of diverse patients in clinical trials:

Diversity Site Assessment Tool (DSAT)

Evaluation of Best Practices of Recruitment of Diverse Patient Populations for Clinical Trials

 Integrative Journal of Medical Science Research Article

The Diversity Site Assessment Tool (DSAT), Reliability and Validity of the Industry Gold Standard for Establishing Investigator Site Ranking

Patient Diversity Awareness White Paper

Developing a Better Understanding of the Knowledge, Expertise, and Best Practices at Clinical Research Sites to Meet the Needs of an Increasingly Diverse United States Population

Diversity Project Funding Partners

Supporting Sponsors