Mission - Society for Clinical Research Sites – SCRS

Our Mission

Unify the voice of the global clinical research site community for greater site sustainability.

Joining SCRS means more than simply becoming a member of an organization of companies with similar interests. SCRS is the first organization fully dedicated to representing the interests of the clinical research site community. SCRS gives sites a voice, a seat at the table, and the ability to participate in discussions and decisions that ultimately impact the clinical research sites and the industry at large. Joining the SCRS community helps give the clinical research site a stronger, more credible voice and shared purpose.

Companies that sponsor or support the work conducted at the clinical research sites will benefit from membership as well. Their membership demonstrates a commitment to building a stronger site partnership, recognizing the importance of the site’s voice, and providing their company with intellectual capital to best position their companies for success.

SCRS’ Guiding Ethical Principles

    Our mission is to foster the sustainability of clinical research sites, for the benefit of sites and other industry stakeholders. While we gratefully accept funds provided by organizations to support SCRS’ mission, our projects and results are transparent and independent of funding sources.

  • All awards and recognition are determined by confidential votes and are not influenced by the donation of funds to SCRS.
  • We undertake research projects only if we believe it will further our mission.
  • We determine the means of executing any research project or study, rather than following the directives of any outside funding source.
  • We publish the outcomes of our research to our members and other interested parties, regardless of whether the outcomes are perceived as favorable to any of our contributors.

SCRS is committed to representing SCRS members in the following ways:

  • Advocate. SCRS will, on behalf of its site members, publicly comment on issues relevant to the clinical research industry. SCRS will work to maintain a presence in conversations with other groups and organizations to ensure the site’s perspective and voice is present as important decisions and debates are occurring.
  • Educate. SCRS’ knowledge platform creates the foundation for informed action, where industry leaders can analyze their most efficient programs, fresh voices can introduce proven innovations, and established experts can debate different interventions. SCRS and its members provide each other with a constant flow of new solutions and lessons learned.
  • Mentor. Recognizing both the importance of SCRS’ emphasis on excellence and the reality that new sites enter the industry each day, site members will offer mentoring to other site members.
  • Connect. SCRS provides a unique opportunity to sites and industry stakeholders to interact with companies and individuals across multiple sectors of the industry. The SCRS community creates an environment that supports meaningful partnerships all year long and not just at meetings.

Throughout this website, you will find valuable information about SCRS and its mission and benefits to your company. To join SCRS, please click here or contact us at +1 410.696.5080. We look forward to having your voice included as a member of The Society for Clinical Research Sites.

Warmest Regards,

Christine Pierre