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September 2018

Marketing Materials: Style

shutterstock_508419361Establishing the voice and tone – or style – of your brand is important, and so is maintaining it consistently. If you don’t already have a Brand Style Guide, create one! Make sure that you consider:

  1. Typefaces. Which fonts and sizes will you use?
  2. Colors. Determine your brand’s key and secondary colors.
  3. Logo. Where will your logo standardly appear in printed and online materials? What size will it be?
  4. Consistent imagery style. You don’t have to use the same images over and over, but ensure there is some consistency. Choose images within a similar color palette, lighting, focus, etc.
  5. Graphic elements. Line treatments, white space, color blocks. This is just as important as color palettes and imagery in creating a consistent brand package.

Do some searching to determine what other elements should be included when creating your Brand Style Guide, and have it created by a graphic designer or other professional. While your branding will likely shift in your earlier months and years, establishing a consistent and easily-identifiable signature that extends beyond your logo is important.